Central Hospital Lane
October 14, 2020
252 Parliament St
252 Parliament Street Development
October 14, 2020


Proposal to add 2 new buildings

The developer and their team hosted a Virtual Open House on October 5, 2020. They are aiming to provide new rental housing, amenities and improve community safety in Cabbagetown South. They are engaging the community and asking for feedback before submitting a development application and starting the formal process of engaging with the City about this plan. A copy of the presentation that was delivered can be found HERE. A summary of the Q&A portion of that meeting will be posted, as well as a brief survey to ask for more input in the coming days.

Questions or comments fill in the form located on their website.
191-201 Sherbourne East View

East View of Sherbourne Sreet

191-201 Sherbourne View from Seaton St

South West View from Seaton Street

Virtual Open House Presentation from October 5, 2020


Photo Credit: Zeidler, https://191-201sherbourne.ca/and GoogleMaps.ca