227 Gerrard St. Beer Store, Toronto ON
Meeting with Developer/Architect for Beer Store Condo
May 19, 2017
ObenFlats - Sherbourne & Gerrard
Oben Flats going to the OMB
August 24, 2017

Revamped Sherbourne/Gerrard redevelopment proposal slated to go to Ontario Municipal Board                                

The Developer for Oben Flats recently advised that they intend to move the proposal to the Ontario Municipal Board. It had been our hope that a compromise regarding the height and design of the building could be brokered with the help of city planners. We asked Oben Flats why they have proceeded to the OMB rather than deal with city planners but did not get a response. We assume that they felt that city planners were not dealing with their proposal in a expedient manner. When we hear when the OMB hearing is we will advise so area residents with concerns or who support the plan can make written depositions or speak at the hearing. If the proposal goes to East York Council we will advise as well. At this time area residents will be given the opportunity to speak or write about their concerns about the plan. Will advise when we hear when this meeting is to take place. To learn more click here.

To have a look at the entire revised plan/documents please go to the City of Toronto Application Site, click Application Information Center (AIC) and fill in the boxes. Address is 307 Sherbourne Street.  Here is a photo of the original rendering for comparison to the rendering available in the City Application Site. We will advise when the meeting at Community Council is announced. Area residents with concerns about the proposal or in support of the proposal will be given an opportunity to speak at that community council meeting.

Since the initial application submission, proposal has been modified as follows:

  • Height of podium has been reduced by one storey;
  • Height of tower has increased by one storey;
  • Reduction in GFA by approx. 220 square metres (reducing number of units from 94 to 93);
  • Removal of landscape strip at rear property line;
  • Removal of the private patios located at-grade along Sherbourne Street

Heritage Preservation Services

  • The elevations were modified to address the comments pertaining to the outboard balconies on the north façade of the proposed development as received from City Planning and Heritage Preservation Services during the June 30, 2016 meeting. The balconies have been removed from the sixth floor only, while the seventh floor balconies have been retained to align with the underside of the soffit at the southwest corner and outboard balconies on the seventh floor, south facade.

 Development Engineering

  • The parking supply has been provided on site as requested (0.38 residential spaces and 0.05 visitor spaces per unit).
  • A site plan has been modified to include the collection vehicle’s movement.
  • Solid Waste Management Services: the drawings have been revised to show the ability of the collection to enter and exit the site in a forward motion with no more than a three-point turn.
  • Drawings include a Type G loading space.
  • The drawings have been revised to include a 5.0 metre corner rounding required at Sherbourne Street and Gerrard Street East.
  • The Functional Servicing and Stormwater Management Report has been modified.

Tree Protection & Plan Review

  • Tree protection (including hoarding location and distances) has been included on the plan.

For information about how Community Council Meetings work here is an interesting website.