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July 20, 2017
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August 24, 2017

Green Bin Roll Out Coming in September

Solid Waste Management (SWM) will be delivering the NEW, Larger Green Bins to our neighbourbood in mid-September. Members of our association have met with staff from Solid Waste Management in July.

Mr. Rob Orpin from SWM provided us 3 alternative solutions to the NEW Larger Green Bin:

Call 311 if you want to arrange for an alternative solution.

1. Exterior Clear Plastic Bag

    • You can put smaller plastic bags within the larger exterior clear plastic bag. Does not matter what kind of the smaller plastic bags (not black).
    • Seal with Green Painters Tape with “organics” written on it. OR with a black marker write a BIG letter “O” on the bag to identify your bag contains organics.
    • You can keep your existing Green Bin and use it to store organics between pickups.
    • The Old Green Bin will NOT be picked up at the curb.
      Your Bag MUST be put out on the morning of pickup day, not the night before.
      If there is room in your neighbour’s Green Bin already at the curb place your clear plastic bag inside
      If animals get into the bags it is the homeowners responsibility to clean it up.

2. Share the New Green Bin with a Neighbour

  • Talk with your neighbours and see if you can share a bin.

3. Combo bin for Recycling/Garbage + New Green Bin

(only 2 bins per household instead of 3)

  • The dual bin has a fluorescent green lid so SWM staff can identify it.
  • Residents can arrange to have one bin for both recycling and garbage. Call 311.
  • ONLY put out the Garbage on Garbage Day and Recycling on Recycling Day.
  • If there is a mix of garbage and recycling in the bin, it will not be picked up.
Dual Bin - Garbage & Recycling

A new green bin will be delivered to you during a regular pickup day in mid-September. Call 311 if you want to arrange an alternative option. SWM may want to meet at your home to determine which option might work best.

Your present green bin will be taken away unless you arrange otherwise. Residents might also consider using bags and tags for their garbage and the bag option for recycling, getting rid of their bins altogether.

Thanks to everyone that took the time to answer our survey questions.  It is clear that many people are dedicated to reducing the amount of garbage going to landfill and want to do the right thing regarding sorting out green waste and recycling.  Many residents go to great lengths to store their bins out of sight or use the smallest bin available. Neighbours have built custom storage units for their present sized bins and some will find the larger green bin does not fit. Other neighbours store their present bin out of sight and bring it through the house on the morning of pick up.Others actually haul their bins via the laneway from the back of their property to the curb fronting their house.