Drovers Lane - Toronto Ontario
Laneway Safety Walk
September 25, 2017
ObenFlats - Sherbourne & Gerrard
Oben Flats OMB Pre-hearing Conference
January 3, 2018

The Beer Store Developer and architect has met with a number of area residents and they are open to ongoing discussions in hopes of creating a plan in keeping with the look and feel of the neighbourhood.

The development has design has evolved. It is 1 storey shorter (8 storey including mechanical), the entrance to the condo has been moved to Seaton Street and the retail space has been divided. The entire front of the building is retail and access is only from Gerrard St. How much of the space the Beer Store is taking, we do not know.  The re-submission to the City of Toronto from the developer was made in November 2018. Unfortunately the developer also appealed to the OMB at the same time of re-submission to the city.

The Beer Store 227 Gerrard St - CSRA Response December 2017

CSRA Response –December 6, 2018

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See the re-submission to the City of Toronto


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