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Green Bin Roll Out coming in September
August 21, 2017
Blue Bins
SWM threaten to input strict Blue Bin regulations
January 10, 2018

Beer Store 227 Gerrard St. E. Bottle Returns Donation Window

Just a reminder to return your empty LCBO and Beer Bottles and Cans through the Gerrard/Seaton Beer Store Donation Window located at the back on the right side of the store. A hassle free, express donation window has been permanently installed for your convenience so you can avoid the line ups. We then donate the proceeds to a local charities and community improvement projects.

Join your friends and neighbours, and bring your empties to the Beer Store now.

We would like to encourage everyone to continue to return your empty beer and liquor bottles to the store instead of putting them out with your recycling, and to use the donation window. We’ll keep you posted in the next few months on the amount collected and how this money will help our community. Suggestions are also welcome, please send to

Thank you for your continuing generosity!