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It takes a village
July 9, 2020
Central Hospital Lane
October 14, 2020

Thank you

Our goal was to raise $1000, however with the kindness and generosity of the Cabbagetown community, we were able to raise $3,000!

So far we have donated $500 plus 500 surgical face masks to Council Fire (corner of Dundas and Parliament) & $500 to Yonge Street Mission (corner of Berkeley & Gerrard). We have reached out to other organizations and will follow up with you once we have been able to continue to share your generosity.

We can’t thank you enough for the success of this event, and we’d also like to thank all the people that donated time and fabric to help us with this event.  A special thank you to Townes and Jen Walker, who spent countless hours making the masks.

Townes and Jen are taking some time down to collect more fabric and give their fingers a well deserved break. BUT they will be back. So look for more masks in the future!