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May 21, 2017
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Green Bin Survey

Thanks to everyone that took the time to answer our survey questions.  It is clear that many people are dedicated to reducing the amount of garbage going to landfill and want to do the right thing regarding sorting out green waste and recycling.  Many residents go to great lengths to store their bins out of sight or use the smallest bin available.  Neighbours have built custom storage units for their present sized bins and some will find the larger green bin does not fit.  Other neighbours store their present bin out of sight and bring it through the house on the morning of pick up.Others actually haul their bins via the laneway from the back of their property to the curb fronting their house.

A heavier and bigger bin will be problematic for many.

Many store their bins on their front porch or front garden as they see no other alternative.  We need alternatives.

At City Council meeting May 5-7, 2015, there was a motion and amendment concerning green bins, which were both approved:

  • motion: PW3.1 Award of Request for Proposal No. 0401-14-3100 to Rehrig Pacific Company for the Next Generation Green Bin
  • amendement: City Council direct the General Manager, Solid Waste Management Services, to work directly with residents and city councillors to determine how to accommodate the next generation Green Bin, including the feasibility of alternative Green Bin collection methods, such as different bin configurations or small bin exemptions, and report back to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee.

Councilor Pam is in the process of arranging a meeting with representatives from the Wards Residents Associations and management from Solid Waste Management to help broker a solution for those residents that have limited space to store the larger green bins.  Will advise when the meeting is announced.

See the results of the survey

Green Bin Survey