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August 24, 2017
The Beer Store - 227 Gerrard St. Condo Entrance
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January 3, 2018

Laneway Safety Walk

Cabbagetown South Residents recently participated in a walkabout with an officer from 51 Division focused on safety in our laneways. The purpose of the walk was to help neighbours understand how we can have a positive impact on the safety of our area and how others use our laneways.

Activate your Laneway

  • One of the easiest ways to reduce unwanted negative activity is for residents to take back their laneways. Use them on a regular basis for activities such as walking, jogging, biking, playing etc. Use the laneways for positive social activity throughout the year.

Maintain your Laneway

  • By picking up litter, cutting back branches, and removing weeds and making them more inviting for positive social activities.  Engage your neighbours in keeping the laneways clean and workinig together for a few minutes each week.  For problems with illegal dumping or excessive litter,  dog owners not cleaning up after their pets call 311 and report the problem.  Ask for a file number and if the problem is not rectified in a timely manner ask for the municpal by-law officer looking afther your request.

Visible Street Address at the Rear of your Property

  • Install your home address on the rear laneway side of your property. This helps 911 responders identify problem areas quickly. CSRA can help you with specs and costing.  Our local hardware store has a range of street numbers at a reasonable cost.

Install Lighting along your Laneway

  • Install LED motion sensor lighting if that makes sense for the laneway near your home. Be mindful of where the lighting is directed and avoid overly bright lights shining onto your neighbours windows.

 Install Cameras

  • Install cameras if they make sense for your property.  Post signs indicating that there are cameras monitoring the laneway and that neighbours are watching and report unwanted activity.

Call 311, 911 and the non emergency number 416-808-2222.

  • 311 is effective in dealing with issues around property upkeep,  -illegal dumping etc. If you see a crime in process call 911 and report it.  Do not assume someone else will call.  For non emergency issues call 416-808-2222 or 416-808-5100 and ask for community police.