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March 20, 2017
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May 21, 2017

Meeting with developer/architect for Beer Store Condo

Under Construction

A group of area residents met with the developer and architectural team fro the proposed condo in early May of 2017 Here is a brief update. Overall went very well.

  • They are re-visiting the drawings to incorporate our comments, historic and the city’s comments.
  • Height was the main concern and discussion. We let the developer and architects speak first.
  • The developer started the meeting at 7 stories but they conceded to 6 to follow the city’s mid-rise guidelines.
  • We were advised that they were turned down on the proposal for the River Beer store by the city.  This may have helped in getting them to rethink a lower rise building on Gerrard Street. They want to get something approved.
  • We still did push for lower, Jordan had great statement about the height why it was wrong.
  • “We are controlled by historic rules what we can do to our properties. We knew this when we bought properties in the neighbourhood.
  • Why should you coming into this neighbourhood, knowing it is historic be allowed not to follow the rules?”
  • The developer had thoughts that whole strip would be developed eventually and he was just the first.
  • My statement was the building of that height and density just will not fit and none of the surrounding buildings north south east will never be more than they are now because of the historic designation coming. Jordan confirm this as well and said 7 stories just does not make sense.
  • We voiced concerns about  the density and height that might make the units student residence with the majority of small apartment becoming transiant. We did push for more larger units.
  • Jordan did say this building will set precedent and even thou we are just a small resident’s association we have ties to them all 6 of the neighoburing associations.
  • We all know each other and this is important development for all of us. Everyone will want to have a say. This development may affect all of us when it comes to precedent on height


Issues around Safety

We are pushing to make the back of the building not just for deliveries. To have Constant foot traffic in that area. A reason to go there.

  • Jeff said. “Treat the back of the building as the front” Open to all ideas to beautiful this façade. Longer wider balconies so there are eyes on the alleys and the back at all times.

Beer Store

Not sure what the deal is, they would not confirm anything. They are not the only tenant now. 5,500 sq ft now down from 7,700 sq ft.

  • We pushed for the Beer Store to be gone or reduced even more. If that happens this will help the back of the building design in a positive way.
  • No need for 2 loading docks. This pleased the architects they could do more with the design and possibly lower the height because of this
  • The Developer is totally aware of Winchester Resident Association & BIA with the beer store last week.
  • Lorraine informed him we were meeting with Glen Murray’s office Friday to ask for his help as well.

New Condo Entrance

  • Seaton Street south west corner. This is a good thing at least to me. Not just a wall beside that 2 ½ stories house. A residential entrance on a residential street.

All Retail Entrances only off Gerrard Street

  • Talk of possibility of continuing bike lane like on the other side of Gerrard. Get some green space out front. Larger set-back from the street than original drawing (city’s request)

Green Roof

  • City’s request.
  • The architects were very excited to do a historic looking building.
  • I think there is a budget for this. I asked that direct question. Is the design dictated totally by budget?
  • There was never any talk about that too expensive to do but of course the budget is not unlimited.
  • My paid public parking request. He did said that is very expensive to do but he did write that down. Not sure if that is a possibility but I had to ask.


  • They floated the idea to the city that all trucks to go north back to Gerrard to city and they seemed open to it.
  • The developer did qualify it that it is not a done deal changing that short part of the street to 2 way but was willing to propose it to the city.
We are meeting again in 3 week approximately.