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November 21, 2017
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March 26, 2018

Solid Waste Management threaten to input strict regulations regarding what they will and will not pick up.

A recent Toronto Star article has outlined stricter regulations regarding what SWM will and will not pick up in recycling bins in the new year. SWM Supervisor Jim McKay recently announced that inspectors will begin sifting through recycling bins placed at the curb on collection days checking for non recyclables and will tag the bin as noncollectable and will leave the bin at the curb should they find “contamination”.

We highly recommend that area residents review what goes where by checking out SWM’s website. We did send a response to Mr. McKay indicating that we do have a problem with folks scavenging through our bins and have no control over what passerby’s might drop in our bins. We have received complaints about folks walking through the nieighbourhood dropping garbage, dog poop bags, coffee cups and food containers (with food) into household recycling bins. We cannot possibly police what others put into our bins at the curb on pick up day and should not be subject to non pick up due to other’s actions! To date we have not received a response to our email.

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