233 Carlton Committee of Adjustment (CoA)
February 10, 2020
CurbTO Parliament Street
April 30, 2020

Members of Toronto Police 51 Division reached out to Cabbagetown South Resident’s Association for feedback from our community, specifically, they want to know what residents identify as the TOP 3 CRITICAL SAFETY ISSUES within our neighbourhood.

At the Community Police Liaison Committee Meeting (CPLC) on March 11, 2020 it was announced that cameras are being installed at Sherbourne & Dundas and Dundas & Oak St. The funding was provided by the province. In August 2019, they announced funding for 40 new closed-circut camers over 3 years. The Cameras are a deterrent and a vehicle to gather information regarding serious crimes. After one year the crime stats will be reviewed and it will be determined if the two cameras are in the right area. These cameras are not a live feed and the footage will be saved for 72 hours. There will be signage on the street. Policing will not change as this is an added service.

Thank you for completing our survey.


Top 3 Critical Safety Issues in Cabbagetown South Survey

Complete Responses: 143

Q1. Of the issues listed, which do you feel are the most critical safety issue in our community, ranked in order of importance to you?

CSRA Survey-Q1-A

Q2. Do you feel you know how to properly report incidents to 51 Division?

CSRA Survey-Q2-A

Q3. I find the process of reporting a crime to police to be:

CSRA Survey-Q3-A

Q4. Are you aware that our community has 8 Neighbourhood Community Police Officers?

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