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August 24, 2017
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September 25, 2017


Update on Beer Store Development Application

Members of our Board and interested area residents have met with the developer and architects of the 227 Gerrard Street East Beer Store property in hopes of making changes to the height and design of the proposed building.

The Beer Store Condo developer has responded 1 storey shorter (8 stories including mechanical) building, all retail facing Gerrard and a reduction in the number of loading docks to 1. There has been a lot of design changes to the exterior finishes for the better and more attention to the detail back (south) of the building more pedestrian friendly, a walkway was added and the screening the loading dock. The condo entrance has been moved to Seaton St., with a secondary pedestrian entrance opening on the back of the building as well.

The CSRA Beer Store Development committee expressed concerns about the height with the developer. The Beer Store Developer is not under any obligation to continue in their talks with neighbours and the goodwill on their part is greatly appreciated.

We have also had discussions with our MPP Glen Murray to voice our concerns about the plan for the Beer Store to return as a retail tenant in the new building on completion. The Beer Store has never been a good fit for our neighbourhood and would be better relocated at a main intersection with a grocery store and LCBO outlet. Hopefully staff from his Constituency Office will continue to work with us on this issue.

The developer has not submitted new drawings to the city planning yet, we were told the drawing that were presented to us are a work in progress still a lot of work to be done by them before they are ready. We will advise when we know a date for re-submission to the city.

For more information and an excellent response to the application please go What We Are Working On in our website.