Blue Bins
SWM threaten to input strict Blue Bin regulations
January 10, 2018
Mayor John Tory visits Sherboune & Dundas
Mayor Tory Visits Sherbourne and Dundas
August 17, 2018

Which bin does this garbage belong to?

Don’t know what to do with a particular type of waste? Visit Toronto’s Waste Wizard  ! It’s a simple way to find out where your garbage belongs.

Click the image below to find out what waste items go where.

City of Toronto Waste Wizard
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For some quick tips on recycling, please visit

What Goes in My Blue Bin

You may be surprised, but not everything that seems recyclable, is! For instance, any black plastics are not recyclable, and should go in the garbage. Most hot beverage cups are not recyclable either as they are lined with plastic or wax. Please avoid throwing away clothing and textiles. Donate them instead! Also, please empty and rinse containers with leftover food before placing them into the Blue Bin.

Please be kind to our environment and dispose of your waste responsibly!